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CNIC has additional strategic partnerships.

EDSS logo  CNIC endorses ENS (Electronic Network Systems, Inc.), a claims clearinghouse based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. ENS is one of the pioneering companies in the electronic claims industry and has been serving customers with state-of-the-art EDI products and excellent customer service since 1989. ENS is recognized as a leader and innovator in this industry and currently handles transactions for nearly 200,000 providers in the U.S.ENS works in coordination with both physician offices as well as payers to promote electronic transmission of claims. In addition to the transmission process, they have a comprehensive electronic and internet based reporting process to ensure that providers can track the status of claims that were electronically submitted.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact your provider representative or ENS at 1-800-341-6141.

CNIC is also working closely with Trizetto as it relates to exciting future provider payment options.